Sample recommendation letter

Sample recommendation letter

Sample recommendation letter

Professor name/Title,
College Name.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce MR. XXXXX whom I know for the past few years as student at XXXXX college. During this period, I was his teacher for Radar Engineering.

In this long association I had ample opportunity to assess his professional and personal abilities and I must say Mr. XXXXX has shown excellent interest in all his scholastic pursuits. He is a person with very good grasping and analyzing capabilities. He designed the hardware circuit for his final year project named MICRO CONTROLLER BASED REMOTE SWITCHING USING A TELEPHONE LINE.

Other than his academics he is also one of the best student in the extra-curricular activities. He is successful in implementing mini-projects during his second year. He also represented the college in various inter college competitions. He has very good Oratorical powers and is excellent manager, which was instrumental in his arranging many social parties like the Fresher Day in the second year and the Farewell Party in the final year.

As a student he was dedicated to his assignments given to him and finished them on time. Perseverance, sincerity and thirst for knowledge have always been the hallmark of his personality. He has also taken seminars in his college days. Proficiency in English through knowledge of the subject coupled with the style of his teaching in a clear and lucid manner made his seminars very interesting and informative.

Mr. XXXXX, is a reliable and disciplined person. Further he has the capacity of adapting himself to the new and challenging environment. With these strengths and his co-operative nature, I firmly believe you would make him a successful candidate for pursuing higher studies in your University.

With full confidence in his abilities, I strongly recommend XXXXX for his studies in your esteemed University, preferably with a suitable financial aid.

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